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Sefa iSpray 2 Pre-treatment for DTG

RM 28,000.00


Sefa iSpray 2 Pre-Treatment Machine for DTG. 

This machine has nozzle selection capability (right/left or both at the same time), for accurate and consistent spraying precision and minimal waste of pre-treatment liquid. The recycling tank also reduces liquid waste when cleaning. 

Large space around plate provides capability to spray-treat large garments, although a junior plate is available for treating smaller garments. 


Plate Sizes
400 x 500mm
95 kg
Power Supply
230V AC
Electric Power
300 W
Amperage 1.3A
Cycle Duration
3 - 10 secs
Max thickness of Material
25 mm


European Manufacture:

  • Made in France

Junior Plate Available:

  • For smaller garments

Efficient Maintenance:

  • Easy access to side housing (hose & water can provided)

Large Threading Area:

  • Easier loading of thicker items (e.g. sweaters & jumpers)

User Friendly:

  • Intuitive touch-screen configuration

Unique Loading/Feeding Mechanism:

  • Simplifies use and reduces excess fluid collection