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Brother The Cube Pre-treatment for DTG

RM 15,000.00 RM 17,999.00


The new Cube automatic pre-treatment machine from Brother DTG includes an electric system with a max. spray area of 16 x 20 in. The machine is engineered to spray pretreatment fluid consistently on shirts that will be DTG printed and to prevent mist from escaping into the shop with a fully enclosed design. A single-spray nozzle controls the length and amount of fluid dispensed while a triple-coated frame is designed to hinder corrosion over time. The Cube measures 20 x 29.5 x 23 in.


  • 19 3/4" W x 29 1/2" D x 23 1/8" H
  • Single Spray Nozzle
  • Triple Coated Frame to Resist Corrosion
  • Quick and Easy Cleanup
  • Adjustable Spray Length and Volume
  • Consistent, Reliable Spraying Results
  • Electric Spray System (110v + 200v)